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Modern Curved Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Pretty as a picture, and twice as alive. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel, you soon will be, and it is an extremely attractive option, made even more so by the marriage of modern design sensibilities and new technology. Because ethanol fireplaces are convenient to own, use, and maintain, the technology lends itself to the idea of three-dimensional features. Without the need to cut into the wall for a recessed mount, these ethanol wall mounted fireplaces are able to hang securely with the least amount of construction work possible and pop from the wall with artistic flair. The sleek, elegant lines of modern curves mingle beautifully with the living flicker of natural flame.

Eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel burns clean, giving off no toxic gasses or other harmful emissions. In fact, the only byproducts are a bit of water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide, meaning that each of these ethanol fireplace wall mounts are completely self-sustained, independent fireplace features with no need for venting, gas lines, power plugs, or ash chutes. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with the provided funnel, wipe up any spillage, and light. This gives you the freedom to place any one of these modern art masterpieces anywhere you want relaxing ambiance and the warm, comforting embrace of living flame.

Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace

Trying to find a perfect descriptor for the Chelsea Fireplace was difficult, because it is so many things. The convex style is something futuristic, as if the designer reached into the Jetsons and pulled it out just for us to enjoy, while adding a sophisticated touch of red, stainless steel, or black finish options. On a white wall mounted fireplaces might run into some difficulty standing out, but not this one. Because it is self-contained and so easily mounted (taking the same amount of effort as a picture or painting), the Chelsea is an excellent choice for those among us who aren’t homeowners yet and don’t want to void their deposit, or for those who prefer a more mobile option that can be transferred between rooms as needed. Light at 29 lbs., graceful is likely the best way to describe its 27.5”L x 19”H x 5”D size. The Chelsea Fireplace heats up to 375 square feet of space, providing the comforting experience of real, flickering flames without the smell, hassle, and clean-up that come with traditional fireplaces.

Nu Flame Focolare Muro Rosso Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

While the Chelsea has a demure, graceful style, the Nu Flame Focolare Muro Rosso Fireplace has jazzy attitude and sass. A modern art masterpiece, this fireplace frames the dancing flames with a bold creativity and sleek curves, popping out of the wall as if alive itself. The glossy red finish provides a high contrast beauty to its environs, unafraid to catch the attention of visiting family or friends. Its dimensions—28-3/8"H x 28.5"W x 5.5"D—give it canvas-like dimensions and plenty of rom for the flames to dance behind the safety glass windscreen. Featuring a large capacity 1.5 liter tank and stainless steel burner, the Focolare Muro Rosso can burn for up to three hours or be snuffed and saved as needed. Prepare to surprise your visitors when you light up the picture-perfect fireplace for a fiery night of entertainment.

Nu Flame Focolare Muro Noce Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

The Focolare Muro Noce holds its own against its sibling, the Rosso, with a demure grace that evokes the spirit of beauty and elegance. The dark walnut finish offers the warmth of natural mystery, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the existing décor without diminishing the entrancing flicker of dancing flames when lit. Its dimensions, weight (at 45 lbs.), and capacity tank match its more enthusiastic sibling, and shares the convenience and usability of an ethanol wall mount fireplace. The Noce would fit well in a library, den, bedroom, or other space where low-light ambiance thrives to build a comforting, inviting atmosphere, contrasting the Rosso’s comfort in your living room, entertaining areas, even your dining room.

Eco-Feu Wynn Wall Mount Biofuel Fireplace

Modestly beautiful, the Wynn Fireplace exudes a classy style that integrates well with any home décor thanks to its clever approach to subtle curves and smooth lines. Available in both stainless steel and black, there’s lots to love about the design, most notably the fact that it can be hung on the wall just as easily as the others or, if you decide to make the commitment, can be mounted and recessed into the wall itself for a more permanent arrangement. The Wynn is an excellently understated wall mounted fireplace that would work wonders in an office environment, as well as at home. With a weight of 65 lbs. and dimensions sitting at 35 7/8''W x 31 15/16''H x 8 1/8''D, you’re looking at a good-sized fireplace that requires no more work than hanging a picture and lighting a candle. With its 1.7 liter tank, the Wynn pushes out about 6,500 BTUs of heat, enough for a 300-350 square foot space, and does feature a lever for adjustment so you can control just how much heat and flame it produces. Thanks to the Eco-Feu patent-pending Eco-vection technology, hot air is routed through the fireplace itself and out the top, allowing for a more comfortable experience without having to worry as much about intimate spaces and hot spots.

Bio-Blaze Diamond 2 Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Where the other fireplace here are described as elegant, demure, enthusiastic, and modest, the Diamond 2 exudes strength, boldness, and intensity. When it comes to making an impression, this is the fireplace you’ll want to hang front and center in your common and shared spaces like the dining room, living room, or even the porch and patio, as the Diamond 2 is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. The black powder coat or stainless steel options are equal in visual impact, and the quart-capacity tank offers about three hours of burn time, more than enough for a friendly get-together. If the party goes on longer than expected, the bio-fuel is super simple to refuel and relight, letting you get back to the action more quickly. At 31.5"W x 24.4"H x 7.5"D and 49 lbs., the Diamond 2 is a fairly light and solidly built option for your entertainment needs.

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