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Upgrade Your Home With These Modern Wall-Mounted Fireplace Ideas

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When you’re updating your home to look and feel absolutely modern, a sleek wall-mounted fireplace is a must-have. In fact, it’s actually one of the easiest ways to make any area look unique and have a ‘pop’ unlike any other place in the home. This is simply because there are so many designs, colors, and unique architectural features that a simple electric fireplace can add to your home. Also, a wall-mounted fireplace speaks for itself and barely needs any surrounding decor to make it look absolutely amazing. Use these ideas as a go-to for the best ways to modernize and make the most of your living space.

1. Double-Sided Glass Fireplace

The best thing about a double-sided glass wall fireplaces is that it serves two rooms at the same time. If you’re an extreme-budgeter like I am, you should be thinking that it’s basically like purchasing two fireplaces for the price of one. A double-sided fireplace makes an appearance in both rooms of whichever you choose to have it installed IE: your living room and bedroom. It also heats both spaces simultaneously, truly making it the perfect additive to any room (or two rooms if you think about it).

They are customizable and can be a slate gray, sleek metal, or a vibrant color. Even the inside is customizable- you can choose from fake wooden log accessories or burning glass. If you are handy with tools, the installation can be DIY, but always have a professional install your fireplace if you are not sure what you’re up against.


2. Long And Horizontal Recessed Wall Fireplace

retty self-explanatory, these bio-ethanol fireplaces are installed within the wall and look almost picturesque. Recessed wall fireplaces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but one of the most modern looking styles is an extra width and less height. So, in general, we are talking anywhere from 3-6’ long and about 1’ high. These styles look amazing installed into any wall, and people get creative by installing them above or below entertainment centers or TV’s and outdoors in a bar area. This is a very sleek design and will up the value of your home instantly.


3. Clean Linear Metallics

One of the major benefits of going with the sleek look of a metallic wall fireplace is that it’ll never go out of style. Right now, trendy means bright pops of color or intricate designs that look incredible, but might not be very trendy in a decade from now. Therefore, going with a sleek metallic look is not only safe but still modern and trending widely. Metallic doesn’t only have to be that bright platinum you might be imagining, metallic can be in every shade of silver to black and more, making it very versatile. Including sharp linear edges and lines, a metallic fireplace inserted into your wall can make any area look much edgier and impressive.

4. A Small Hole In The Wall

Who says that fireplaces have to be huge and extravagant and take up an entire living room? Some people do. But others like a small ‘hole in the wall’ or a ‘pop of interest’ in an unexpected area. Hole-in-the-wall recessed fireplaces are super neat because they are less expensive and look great anywhere. They make an exceptional feature in small rooms such as a bathroom, right above the bathtub. But realistically they can go anywhere- a lot of people even put them in the edge of a wall so it wraps around an open area. Many choices, all with proven coziness.


5. Tall Vertical Fire Pillar

pposing a long horizontal recessed gas fireplace is its cousin- the tall and smaller width recessed fireplace which is just as beautiful and modern. Like the horizontal ally, a large and slender fireplace is unique in its own way and has attributes that other gas fireplaces don’t. In one picture, someone had placed two 6’ tall glass fireplaces on either side of their TV, giving the appearance of torches and adding a breathtaking modern vibe to what was once a very basic living room and entertainment center.


What Pricing And Installation Looks Like


Modern gas fireplaces are relatively inexpensive unless you decide to go ‘all out,’ which can mean a number of things. On average, bio-ethanol installed fireplaces can range anywhere from $200-$2000 (more or less depending on your taste). Price also depends on the material you use, both inside and outside of the fireplace and how you decorate the surrounding areas. Either way, the benefits highly outweigh the price even if you decide to go with a more expensive option. With almost zero maintenance and hazard, it’s worth the investment.


This is both a process you can either do yourself or hire a professional to do. However, if you have no experience installing a recessed fireplace, I would highly recommend hiring a professional to do it (obviously). The installation process is not pricey and it doesn’t take days to do. It might take a few hours and some cleaning up to see the final results, but it’s a pretty easy operation. If you choose to do it yourself, it’s important to understand electrical wiring and the carpentry it takes to make room for the fireplace.

Final Thoughts

A simple upgrade to your home can be as easy as adding an electric fireplace to any space, both indoors and outdoors. Easy, right? Your home value can be increased with the insertion of fire. It’s true. When it comes to modern fireplace designs, it seems to be something that will last a lifetime and be continuously popular in a house. So don’t be afraid to make the leap, they will always be prominent in home features and add luxury.

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