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How to Turn Your Wall Fireplace into an Art Piece

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Fireplaces are typically considered to be romantic pieces in the home. They warm the house and they bring together the inhabitants who live there. Fireplace mantles can also be used for decoration and storage. By putting in just a little bit of effort, you have the ability to turn your wall fireplace into an art piece! Let’s take a closer look at how it is done, and what is required to make it into something great.

Create a photo gallery

A mantle is a great place to display framed photos. If you have a lot of photos, you can try arranging them on the mantle to create a type of collage. Generations of family members can be showcased on top of the fireplace for everyone to see and admire. Otherwise, you could use this area to show off photos from the trips that you have taken. They are in an accessible place if people want to stop and admire them.

Add flowers

Vases of flowers are sometimes placed on fireplace mantles to enhance the unit’s elegant features. Plant vines can be wrapped around the outside of the hearth, so as to draw attention to the focal point of the flames. Flowers add a spark of color to the room, as well as bring out the cheerfulness. Be careful never to place the flowers where they might catch on fire.


Mirrors are an elegant piece for any room. If you combine a mirror with your fireplace, you can get beautiful results. Antique mirrors may be placed up on the mantle, so you can show off your collectible. Try placing candles on either side of the mirror. The soft glow will soften your features when you catch sight of yourself in the glass.

Framed artwork

Instead of placing your art in traditional places, include it in the design of the fireplace. Perhaps you could place small sculptures on either side of the unit. As well, try adding photos right above the fireplace. Some people choose to hang swords right above the fireplace. Switch up the combination until you achieve the exact look that you were imagining.

Fireplaces can be used to enhance the overall beauty of your home. By incorporating them with your other great pieces, you will create a fantastic form of art. This is a good method of decorating, because it is unique and personalized only to you. The items that you choose to showcase alongside your fireplace are entirely up to you. This means that your finished piece will reflect your personal style. Friends and family will be amazed the next time they are over at your place!