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​Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplaces vs. Fireplace Inserts

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These two separate styles of electric fireplaces are clearly different, but how so? What sets wall-mounted fireplaces and fireplace inserts apart is mainly - one is mounted, and one is inserted into one spot in the wall. However, they both have many similarities, for example, neither one of them is permanent, so they can both be moved to new locations. They both have excellent appeal to any home decor style, they generate heat, and they both have reasons why someone would choose one over the other. Let’s take a look at these two fireplace styles and which one might be better suited for you.


What Are Fireplace Inserts?

Fireplace inserts are a combination of both a room heater and an ornamental piece. Compared to the wall-mounted design, inserts need to be placed inside a wall or an existing inserted area (like an old fireplace). Therefore, inserts are the perfect solution for people who want to reuse or repurpose an old wood-burning or gas fireplace area.

More than likely, installation will be simple if you decide to go this route - all you have to do is insert the fireplace to the designated area and plug it into an outlet! There are other more challenging installation processes, but don’t let this scare you away. You deserve to have your electric fireplace inserted wherever you want! A professional can create a wall insert if you don’t already have one or if you don’t have an old fireplace to stick it into. Then, an electrician can make sure that all the wiring is connected safely and correctly (the hardwired installation option). Here’s a few frequently asked questions about electric fireplace inserts:

  1. What’s the price range? Statistics show that electric fireplace inserts range from roughly $120 to $3000. This depends on the size, style, and installation process. If you choose to have an electrician hardwire your insert to an area, the price will go up compared to plugging it into an outlet.

  2. How do you size the insert? The correct way to do this (and the only way to somewhat accurately do this) is by measuring the existing fireplace or insertion area. You will need to check and measure the opening height, width, depth (top to bottom), rear width, and the hearth (the front of the existing fireplace). Doing this, you will know around which size of electric fireplace insert you can safely buy.

  3. Are they dangerous?No, in fact, they are very safe. There is no open flame and everything inside of it is fake - though it may look very real. They do not produce any toxic chemicals and they are even safer for the environment. Making the choice to switch to an electric fireplace is easy!

  4. How much heat do they produce?The same amount (if not more) than a regular fireplace. With a wood-burning fireplace, heat is expelled through a chimney. With electric fireplace inserts not needing to be vented outside, all the heat stays in one area. They are not designed to be the main heating system of a home, but one insert can efficiently heat up an entire room.

  5. Where else can they be inserted? As long as safety guidelines are met, you will see electric fireplace inserts in many unique places - they don’t just need to go in an old unused fireplace area. People have them inserted into entertainment centers (or buy entertainment centers that already have them inserted) or have them hardwired into the wall 5-6 feet high. Really, the choice is yours! 

What Are Wall-Mounted Fireplaces?

Meant to free up space, wall-mounted fireplaces are great for people who are living in apartments or small living spaces. They include top-notch safety features (just like inserts) and are covered in glass. They also have the ability to heat up an entire room. Wall-mounted fireplaces attach to your wall and it’s pretty easy to DIY, though it’s always nice to have a professional installation in order to ensure 100% safety and a level fireplace.

Much like TV’s, they vary in size from 32 inches to 50 and sometimes larger. Here are a few frequently asked questions pertaining to wall-mounted fireplaces:

  1. How do you install them? First, find a safe place that meets the required standards that your specific owner’s manual calls for. Decide if you’re going to do it yourself or call a professional. If you decide to DIY, make sure your location is close to a power outlet. You’ll then attach the brackets to the wall and bottom brackets if required and hang the fireplace on the brackets. Secure the bottom portion of the fireplace against the wall.

  2. What are some more great features? They have the ability to heat an entire room, hazard free, beautiful styles to choose from, and remote control operated (some)!

  3. Where shouldn’t you install an electric fireplace? These fireplaces are usually very safe, but there are a few places you should NEVER mount them. Such as above water (bathtub, sink, water containers, etc.) It is an electric appliance, so mounting it above a water source will put you at danger every time you use it.

  4. Are the flames real? Though very realistic, they are not real! They are created by LED lights that bounce off of a refractor.

A Look in Comparison & Final Thoughts

The only real difference between wall-mounted and insert electric fireplaces is where they go, as well as a few different features on each one (what makes them each special). As previously mentioned, you might prefer a wall-mounted fireplace over an insert if you’re trying to free up space. If you have an unused fireplace that you can place an insert into, you might opt for an electrical fireplace insert. Either way, you will be happy knowing that you have a stunning new piece in your selected room and an area that your whole family can cozy up around. Plus, you might even be making big moves by saving on your gas or electric bill! 

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