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A fireplace is considered a bonus feature in a home. No other appliance offers the kind of cozy warmth and romance that you get from fireplaces. In the past, they have required a lot of work and effort. However, with wall fireplaces the workload is gone and they still provide that warm sensation, as they can be mounted on the wall or simply plugged into an outlet.

Of course, the question arises when getting one is which is the best one to buy?

Well, in order to answer that question, here are the top 20 best wall fireplaces that create that warm experience and atmosphere, wherever it is placed and for you to enjoy.



Coming as a double-sided unit, it works well for a house or office like setting. Its dimensions are 27.5 X 39.5 X 16’, along with a transparent like window panel both in the front and back, it allows for nice lighting for living room spaces that are more open. Constructed with solid grade 304 polished stainless steel and with a built-in thick 3mm double wall construction, it is also insulated with a patented rock wool insulation to keep the fire going and burning wherever it’s been placed, providing warmth and ambiance.


Eco-Feu Wellington 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace in Matte Black with Stainless Interior


The Eco-Feu Santa Lucia Wall Fireplaces mount model is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It creates a soothing flame built for the purposes of luxury and comfort. Dimensions are 54” x 7 7/8” x 22 7/8”. Very easy to mount as opposed to many other Wall Fireplaces panel models, the Santa Lucia model is also eco-friendly, allowing that outdoor scene. It comes in two different color schemes: matte black and gloss white, and is installed in a matter of 15 minutes as no wire of further installation is required. Certified by both ULC and LC standards.


Bio Blaze Square XL 1 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace 

Containing a stainless steel frame and a nice black backdrop to make the burning flame all the more sensational. Powered by six more burners to keep the fire from burning further, and have the fire get an individualized flare, this Wall Fireplaces panel is perfect for a nice Saturday night in the living room space. Along with its dimensions are a heated insulator, an earthquake hanging system, and an overall glass front that allows better sustainability and security when placed.


Accalia Bio Ethanol Recessed Wall Fireplace With Optional Safety Glass

Accalia Bio Ethanol Recessed Wall Fireplace

Similar to Bio-Blaze model in terms of its overall looks, the Accalia Bio only contains four individual burners for flames. Also containing the eco-friendliness that the Bio-Blaze possesses, it is perfect for smaller areas as its dimensions reach 67" x 19.75" x 7.6" and averaging at 52 lbs. A frame containing the polished 304 stainless steel as well, it offers high sustainability and security that the Blaze-Bio has. The only difference is its presentation and mere scale.


39.5" Wide Double-Sided Ethanol Burning Firebox

Another double-sided unit that is on this list, this one also produces the same atmospheric effect as the Eco-Feu Wellington. Being able to produce ribbons of flames that can reach up to 19’, the firebox is perfect for the smaller spaces in the interior designs. Constructed with the 304 stainless steel and 3mm thick double glass walls, the firebox also contains a rock wool insulation inside. Much like the others, it is environmentally friendly as no ash or smoke can exude itself and ventless, so no chimneys required for the firebox. With a low heat transfer that provides warmth and ambiance for the area, the Firebox can reach up to 16,000 BTU. Its dimensions are 27.5" x W 39.5" x D 16".


52" Wide Single-Sided Ethanol Burning Firebox

With the 52" Wide Single-Sided Ethanol Burning Firebox, it will provide a real fire warmth like all the others here on the list on a much broader scale. Being designed mostly to be implemented onto the wall, the firebox offers a more accessible function that eliminates the hassle of using wood and removes all the odors and smoke along with it. will let you enjoy the warmth of a real fire without the hassle and inconvenience of a traditional wood burning fireplace. Contains much of the same features as the 39.5” Wide Double-Sided as mentioned above, with slight differences in heat output, having 20,500 BTU. Its dimensions are 27.25" x W 52" x D 16.5".


Bellezza Recessed Or Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace

A sleek and streamlined fireplace, the Bellezza Recessed or Wall Mount Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is designed to project a more modern look to the interior design of the area it is placed. Featuring a large stainless steel frame coated in black, this fireplace is made for the intent of creating a nice and polished look to your modern day setting. The heat output of the fireplace ranges between 6000 per burner, averaging a total of 12000 BTU. Powered with two clean-burning ethanol burners that emit water vapor and even carbon dioxide into the air, replacing the usual chimney. Its dimensions are 47.25" x 23.75" x 7.25" and weighs about 33 lbs.


Maximum Bio Ethanol Wall Fireplace

As the fireplace presents itself, the Maximum Bio Ethanol Wall Fireplace is very lengthy means of adding that warm sensation. Almost reaching seven feet in length alone, the fireplace is perfect for providing a cozy feeling. Ideally, this fireplace is more for the larger rooms, even for the restaurants and bar locations due to its massive size and can also be hung on the wall with the included mounting brackets it contains on the back of it. Containing a very sleek and streamlined design, the fireplace has six individual burners inside it, encased with a durable steel frame and black coal like coating, it also provides a very romantic tone. The burners reach up to a maximum 36,000 BTU and can be fully controlled. Its dimensions are 82.75" x 24.5" x 8.75" and a pretty heavy fireplace as well, weighing about 140 lbs.


Bio-Blaze® Square XL 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Wall Fireplace Pros

 Bio-Blaze® Square XL 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace 

Bio-Blaze® Square XL 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is not only designed to be mounted with ease onto the wall, but it also frees up valuable floor space and provides an eye-catching sight upon entering. Designed to be mounted with ease on almost any kind of wall, the Bio-Blaze is perfect for shared housing areas in the house, having an optimized space for the floor space. Equipped with up to three adjustable stainless steel ethanol burners, it also provides a nice linear appearance that is sleek and polished sophistication. The Bio-Blaze also comes in a nice all black color scheme or with a nice modern simple steel look, the fireplace can remove any amounts of smoke or toxins/odors. Its BTU is 18,425 and its dimensions are 59" x 21½ x 8" and is heavy as well, weighing 128 lbs.


Lata Bio Ethanol Recessed Wall Fireplace

Providing a room with a nice modern look like all the others on the list, the Lata Bio Ethanol is adaptable and can burn cleanly without smoke or any other toxins exuding. Being mounted on the wall as well as other areas, it does not require any means of an electrical outlet of the sorts or even be attached to a chimney. Having two individual burners, the fireplace allows for full control of the heat size and output. The flame can produce over 14” in length and reach a heat output of 12,000 BTU. With a powder-coat and a 304 polished stainless steel frame, the inner black powder coating allows for natural and modern beauty in the mounting area. Its dimensions are 43.25" x 19.75" x 7.6" and weighs around 31 lbs.


Amantii 106" Wall Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace With Black Glass Surround

Amantii 106" Wall Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace With Black Glass Surround

Having a length of 115”, the Amantii 106" Wall Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace With Black Glass Surrounds is made for more larger wall areas and promote a means of astounding reactions. Perfect for grand housing areas or even a commercial setting like a restaurant, the fireplace can be mounted on a wall or even built inside walls to provide free space in the area. It provides luxurious warmth and atmosphere to the room it is mounted on. Containing a nice array of fire glass media and LED, the flames are given a much more pleasing aesthetic and realistic look. The power and heat output and other heating feature are fully controlled with the push of a button. Go for a low smoldering ember for a romantic look or the licking flames of a full fire for a more casual atmosphere. As it is an electrical fire, an electrical cord is attached, and its dimensions 17” X 106” X 5 ½”. It is also very heavy as it is 158 lbs.


Amantii 43" Wall Mount/Built-in Electric Fireplace with Coastal Blue Steel Surround

Amantii 43" Wall Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace With Coastal Blue Steel Surround

With a nice coastal blue color scheme, this fireplace adds a more exciting tone to the mounting area wall, adding a nice richness, depth, and beauty. Having a very presentable flame and programmed thermostat that can read both in Fahrenheit and Celsius, it can be easily adjustable with the remote control it includes. With the remote control, the front and rear flame can be adjusted for brightness and intensity of the flame at hand, geared up to provide a nice and warm feeling to the room it is mounted on. This Amantii model also comes with three different standard LED media glass: Clear, Harvest Moon, and Sun Tea. It also comes in decorative media as well, having six options to choose from: Goldenrod, Blaze, Sunset, Sable, Clear and Blue Diamond set. The steel frame also comes in the following colors: Gallery White, Candy Apple Red, Architects Grey, Modern Auburn, and Matte Black. Its dimensions are 55 x 10 3/8 x 27 1/2" and weighs around 72 lbs with the glass included.


Amantii 34" Fire & Ice Series Electric Fireplace with White Glass Surround

Amantii 34" Fire & Ice Series Electric Fireplace With White Glass Surround

This Amantii model adds a nice touch of elegance to the space as well a nice color scheme to the room. Also an electric fireplace, the Amantii 34” is quite smaller than its counterparts as mentioned on this list, but it does the job right as the others. It features a nice clean looking 44 x 23” white glass surround, giving a very nice and trendy look to the modern/contemporary world. With the glass feature, the Amantii model comes with a cool array of 13 color schemes,4 stage front and internal black lightning, to make the black interior all the more accommodating. Of course there is the LED technology that the Amantii models are known for, making it all the more stylish when mounted. The heat that comes inside the fireplace is vented at the bottom as well, creating a consistent temperature in the room. The difference with this Amanti model is that it also comes with Ice Media, creating a nice blue diamond look to the standard flame. Its dimensions are 21 1/4 x 34 x 6”, the glass opening and size 31 1/2 x 10-43 1/2 x 23. The weight of the fireplace is average, as it weighs 65.8 lbs with the glass included.


Amantii 50" Fire and Ice Built in Electric Fireplace with Steel Surround

Amantii 50" Fire And Ice Built In Electric Fireplace With Steel Surround

Boy do we love our Amantii models, as this next one on the list is just about as perfect as all the rest. Designed to be built on the wall than anything else, it contains a stunning 'Dual Flame' and an impressive 12" deep electric innovation, what make this ideal stand out form most is its reasonable size, being around 50”. It has a nice clean face thanks to the design it has and a nice black steel metal frame that surrounds said-glass, providing a sleek and solid modern look. Similar to the 34”, it also have large clear nuggets that provide a nice clear blue diamond luster to the flames, 4 front stage lighting, and a remote control for flame output and intensity. It even contains a nice multi-colored flame media, adding a nice array of colors to choose from while enjoying your time by the fire. Its average dimensions are 23 1/2 x 48 1/2 x 12″, 45 1/4 x 12″, and 49 1/4” x 15 3/4”. It is plugged on the left side and weighs around 101.5 lbs with the glass.


Amantii 72" Fire & Ice Series Wall-Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace with White Glass Surround

Amantii 72" Fire & Ice Series Wall-Mount/Built-In Electric Fireplace With White Glass Surround

Another Amantii model that is part with the Fire & Ice series, it also transforms the house or office space for a nice and modern look. The larger of the Fire & Ice series, it reaches up to 72” in length and features a multi-colored frame that comes with a nice and sleek 81” x 23” white glass frame, surround black lightning with 14 color schemes, the 4 stage front and internal black lighting and the LED technology like the other Amantii models, the 72” makes the area a nice sophisticated and modern. It can be mounted on the wall or built into one, the plug location is on the left side of the fireplace, and provides a multi-color flame that ranges from the nicest of blues to the golden of yellows, which makes things perfect for the living room area. Its dimensions are 21 1/8 x 71 x 6 1/8″, 69 x 10″, and 81 x 23″. Its weighs around 115.3 with the glass included, so it’s a heavy Amantii model.


Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace in Stainless Steel

Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace

Moving on with the Amantii models for a moment, the Chelseas Indoor Wall is a nice rendition ot the Wall Fireplaces family. As it creates a warm and very inviting atmosphere, be it in your home or office space. The fireplace can be mounted, providing an experience with its curved features. The beauty of the mounting is that it’s as easy as it is to hang a picture frame. And with that simple hanging can make the fireplace almost mobile, bringing it everywhere the owner goes. Very eco-friendly and easy to move, ventless like the rest of the list. Its dimensions are 27.5” x 5” x 19”. It weighs around 29 lbs, making it the lightest on the list.


Dimplex Redway Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

 Dimplex Redway Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Thanks to the award winning Opti-Myst® flame effect, using water vapor to create a nice and stunning visual effect onto the flame at large, making it as realistic as it can be. With the mist rises through the logs inserted inside, the light then reflects the molecules and creating a nice illusion of flames. With this the Dimplex models do right, and makes for a nice alternative for an authentic wood-burning fire. It comes in a nice black and grey frame, and with no flame presented, it makes for a nice and safe choice for the house and is plugged into any electrical outlet. Its dimensions are 29 3⁄4" x 27 1⁄4" x 7 1⁄4".


Dimplex Synergy Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

Being a nice and simple black design and rather linear like most mounted models, this Dimplex model makes for a great option for a nice warm up in the room. With its contemporary design, the Dimplex is designed to blend with all kinds of decorations around the room, using a nice combination of metal and glass frame. It allows for strength and durability, and since it’s electrical like the Amantii models, so no smoke or ash are presented in the fire, and they are as realistic as they can be. Its dimensions are 50.24" x 19.5" x 7".


Dimplex Brayden Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Brayden Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

With its nice and sleek design for an electric fireplace, the Dimplex Brayden Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is perfectly stunning for its presence in the mounted wall. It is also has and European inspired design, the fireplace has a nice angular black and gray frame that provides a nice feel to the rock bed fire inside it. It allows for a nice igniteful bliss to the room. Much like the Dimplex Redway model, it allows for the stunning illusion of a real fire, being perfectly efficient and safe for the home. Its dimensions are 37 1⁄4" x 27 1⁄4" x 7 1⁄4".


Amantii Built-in Classico Electric Fireplace with Venetian Grey Natural Concrete Surround

Amantii Built-In Classico Electric Fireplace With Venetian Grey Natural Concrete Surround

As it comes in two styles and being the number one on the list, the Moderno and Classico styles as well as two colors, Venetian Grey and Tuscan Cream, the last of the Amantii models presented here on the list. This Amantii electric fireplace is unique with its nice 51” x 24” hard concrete surround frame that provides a nice modern appeal and look, giving the room the same atmosphere. As it is built to last, the concrete surround frame is casted by hand, giving a nice optimal color consistency. This allows for slight surface and color variations for charm adding. Despite its thickness, this Amantii model is made to create a nice slush feel to the wall mounted. As it is also an electrical fireplace and hybrid for it provides realistic flames, a remote control is used for turning the flame on and off. This Amantii model comes in the standard glass medias as the one mentioned below. Its dimensions are 16 5/8 x 39 3/8 x 6 5/8", 37 w x 10 h", and 51 w x 24 h x 3-3/8 d". The concrete front is 55 x 6 x 27. Since it is concrete, it weighs around 90 lbs and the plug is on the right side.

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