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Can You Leave Your Electric Fireplace Overnight?

Posted by Caris Cruz on

Do you leave your electric fireplace overnight? Some people do. And it's for a plethora of reasons. For one, homeowners may forget to switch off their electric furnace. Two, they may want to add a few more warmth to their room while they sleep. Three, a fireplace is helpful in lowering heating utility. This is especially true during winter months, where fireplaces are mostly at use. However, here is where an important question arises: are fireplaces safe to leave overnight?

The dangers of leaving traditional fireplaces on

Fireplaces that make use of wood as fuel are the most dangerous to leave overnight. The oil element in the wood causes moisture that builds up in the flue, and may result to chimney fire--or even worse. That is why many experts suggest on selecting safe varieties of wood that doesn't have too much oil. For homeowners who burn paper when igniting the furnace—watch out; paper can clog the flue pipe and may even worsen the fire.

Natural gas, on the other hand, also poses many safety issues at home, especially when left overnight. The carbon monoxide element in the fuel is the number one threat to one's security and should always be kept in check. Gas fireplaces also produce great heat, which may easily burn any combustible objects nearby. When left on its own, the furnace is more like to cause various harms other than heating, especially for pets and children. If you own this type of furnace, leaving it alone is risky and reckless.

Your safe choice: electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is your safest choice when you tend to leave your furnace overnight. You don’t have to worry about the threats of a traditional stove setting your chimney ablaze, or the harmful odor of gas putting your family’s safety at risk. Since it works like a regular electrical utility, this kind of fireplace can be easily plugged in and left over the hour. No more wood fuel problems. No more clearing of the flue. No more worries about getting your pet burnt. However, there are some few precautions to keep in mind.

  • Set the control at moderate temperature. This keeps the room warm without going overboard with the heating.
  • If you tend to be forgetful, why not purchase a unit that automatically switches off after a few hours? Some furnaces have this option, and this will save you a lot when it comes to your utility bills.
  • Check the power cord regularly. Make sure that no object is placed too close to it, as it might heat up and ignite while you are away. Keeping decorations away from the furnace is recommended.
  • For your family’s safety, a smoke detector could be installed in every room where there is a furnace. This gives you peace of mind even as you get a snooze while the furnace is switched on.

Some furnaces give you more freedom than the others, but it is always important to prioritize safety. Take note of these tips when using an electrical furnace and reap from its benefits by using it appropriately.