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Experience a New Version of Cozy with Modern Wall Fireplaces

Posted by Caris Cruz on

Autumn season is slowly stepping in and in a few months, winter arrives by your doorstep, bringing the chill and thrill the white, snowy season brings. Nothing fills the scene than you and your favorite people, gathering around a warm hearth, each of you with hot cocoa in hand, telling stories, making moments as the wintry flakes fall from your windows. Your eyes reflect the natural beauty of blazing logs with the fire dancing atop, and each of you tapping another's feet to add a few more fuel into the fire and wishing the night never ends.

It's decadently dreamy, for this is a scene repeated by beloved films, striking that romantic chord in the consumers' hearts. Unfortunately, despite setting the best atmosphere for winter lounging, wood smoke isn't exactly the best part of winter. After all, you'll be inhaling a whiff of particulates, such as known carcinogens, along the musky scent of the wood. This can easily give you heart and lung diseases, something which the government has started to work on. Don't be surprised why wood-burning chimneys are banned in several areas within the US.

But winter cannot be complete without fireplaces, will it? Fortunately, modern wall fireplaces, such as the recessed ethanol wall fireplace above, are slowly taking the place of the conventional stoves. These convenient units offer less environmental impact, making use of clean fuel such as bio-ethanol, gel and electricity. While nothing may give you the same experience as a wood fireplace, you might want to choose something that is more practical and healthier for you and the environment. We also have several modest fireplaces that can fit any budget, while still making a bold statement.

Don't think it's all for the show. These wall fireplaces are not created to be visual substitutes for old fireplaces. In fact, electric fireplaces are great options for those who are always on mobile, while ethanol furnaces produce the same dancing fires as the wooden counterpart, without the use of logs. And what else is not there? Smoke. Smoke which can be harmful to you and your family's health. In fact, it takes away the need for vents which may be cosmetically obstructive in your home. Another thing that these modern furnaces are without? The blanket of soot, which is the byproduct of the burnt logs after your dreamy get together. Nobody likes cleaning soot; especially when some of its particles get into your face and body, as well as your precious décor.

There fresh scent of fresh wooden logs being burnt will be there no more, but the positive side of it is much better—no more standing up to add more wood in the stove. Your electric fireplace can go on as long as it is plugged to an electric outlet and is switched on, while the ethanol variant runs from canned alcohol fuels that can give you your desired heat for hours. You can conveniently replace these canisters once the fire goes out, of course, with precaution as indicated by its safety standards.

Less carbon footprints, less health hazards, less interior requirements, less call for maintenance. Surely, these modern wall fireplaces bring you a new version of cozy; something different from the way it used to be, but giving off the same, warmed-up feeling as any other fireplace.