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Keeping Spare Rooms and Basements Warm with a Ventless Wall Mounted Fireplace

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Some spaces in our homes simply don’t require constant temperature care via central heating system, either because they are used less or because we live in places where the thermometer doesn’t really dip below the chilly point all that often. Whether you live in a location where the mercury hits the bottom or not, these rooms shouldn’t be abandoned simply because of a chill, and we have a few versatile options to help you warm these spaces only when you need them. Warm up your basement before a house party with a touch of fashionable decor. Give guests a charming alternative to the noisy electric heater. Mount one in your bedroom for a calming, natural ambiance, then when visitors come over, move it to the guest room for comfort and warmth. You’ve got a lot of options, and each piece is versatile enough to warrant a good long look.

All of these options have a few things in common: they’re stylishly chic, comfortingly safe, utilize eco-friendly ethanol biofuel. They are extremely low impact as far as your construction is concerned, requiring only the simplest of sturdy mounting equipment. No chimneys, cords, or pipes, not even a cord, which most wall mounted electric fires require. No more tripping over cords or accidentally brushing into a hot floor-stand heating unit. No worrying about children or pets causing havoc, or knock-over accidents during a fun basement party.

The greatest advantage comes in the ethanol biofuel. Ethanol is a clean-burning alternative to traditional wood or propane fireplaces that require much more work to install. You don’t have to worry about soot, smoke, unpleasant odors, or harmful, toxic gasses. The only byproducts are minute amounts of water vapor, carbon dioxide (a natural byproduct of fire), and a wonderful, perfect amount of heat. In a properly ventilated home, you have all the reasons in the world to consider tossing out the old clatterbox heater and replacing it with something contemporary, fashionable, and safe. Imagine all the ankles and bedskirts you’ll save!

A wall mount fireplace heater is a fashionable, versatile addition to your home that demands little in return for warmth, ambiance, and style. Despite their small size, they can still push out excellent heat to fight off cold’s biting edge. They’re pretty to look at, lovely to behold, and easily moved when you’re ready to go.

Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace

When it comes to straight-up fantastic style, you start with the Chelsea Fireplace. Big on name, huge on fashion, the graceful curves of the Chelsea make a bold statement in whatever room you choose. The bright, glossy shapes easily stand out in whatever aesthetic embraces your space. Available in black, red, and stainless steel, the Chelsea can fit comfortably in any spare room whenever needed. It really is just as simple as mounting it to the wall, adding the fuel, and turning it on. Because it burns biofuel, you do not need to worry about the excessive smell or byproducts that come from traditional wood-burning fireplaces. When visitors come to stay, would you rather heat their room with an electric heater playing a staticky buzz all night, or lull them to memorable sleep with the soft crackling of real flames, safely contained behind a tempered glass guard? This modestly sized wall mounted fireplace can push out enough heat to comfortably warm up to 375 square feet.

Anywhere Fireplace SoHo Indoor Wall Mounted Biofuel Fireplace

Similar to the Chelsea is the SoHo Fireplace, another deceptively simple design that pops out in three-dimensional comfort. These bold angles come in multiple colors: black, stainless steel, and high gloss white, allowing it to fit ever so perfectly into the existing decor. The SoHo features a smaller tank than most, half a liter offering about two and a half hours worth of burn time, making it a perfect piece to use for relaxing ambiance in a space like a basement or spare room, without running the risk of forgetting it for too long. This is an elegant piece with contemporary lines, making it a lovely addition to your decor, offering enough warmth to make a spare room comfortable. It’s like a picture come to life, featuring dancing orange flames against a dark interior.

Nu Flame Focolare Muro Noce Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

The Focolare Muro Noce Fireplace has something the others on this list do not: a beautiful dark walnut finish that brings out the natural texture of wood. The gently curved edges soften the fireplace’s appearance, letting it blend into its environment without letting it disappear. This piece is also almost square, making it uniquely suited to locations where space is definitely a concern. Love the piece’s lines, but want something bolder? The Focolare Muro Noce also comes in a burst of stand-out red. The 1.5 liter burner offers up to three hours of use, enough time to warm up a basement before the party starts and keep it warm with little maintenance. The tempered glass windscreen prevents premature snuffing so you can enjoy the flickering flames as long as you desire.

Eco-Feu Wynn Wall Mount Biofuel Fireplace

If you’ve got the space, the Eco-Feu Wynn Fireplace has the style. A quick glance might conjure the idea that this is just another fireplace, but a good look reveals the subtle curves and elegant artistic design behind the Eco-Feu Wynn, built with Eco-Feu’s patent pending automatic convection system and shutter mechanism. This wall mounted biofuel fireplace is not only easy to use, but the 1.7 liter burner is able to fuel the 11 1/4th inch fire ribbon for an awesome 6,500 BTUs, more than enough to warm a room up to 300-350 square feet. The Wynn’s larger size gives the impression of a traditional fireplace without needing the excessive construction and modification. Designed in Montreal, Canada and featuring a sturdy 304 stainless steel burner, The Wynn really is a success in all ways.