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Safety Tips on Using Ventless Wall Fireplaces

Posted by Caris Cruz on

Both the ethanol and the electric fireplace variants are perfectly safe to be used in your home--as long as you pay attention to the manufacturer guidelines as included in the unit. While these furnaces have been around in the market for a while, and their usage has been common knowledge, it is important to check the owner's manual that comes with the specific features and functions of the unit. Most of us consumers tend to open the package and skip the reading part while installing the furnace up on our walls, thinking that we can easily figure out how to operate the fireplace and that reading the guidelines is just a waste of time.


Manuals are put there for a reason, and the truth is, these directions come with valuable tips and tricks on how to safely operate your furnace in your home. You may be putting yourself and your loved ones in danger when you chose to skip this part. Taking time to digest how your ventless fireplace works is an important step, and every set-up must begin with the right direction.

If you have lost or misplaced your ventless fireplace manual, we're bringing back the basics for you to review. Take a moment to stop and read these guides to make sure that you are operating your fireplace correctly. This is also the perfect chance to spot a little mishap which you can easily resolve by checking what you might have overlooked.

Before you install your unit:

  • You must make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your fireplace, as dust can also be a trigger for flash explosions
  • Take time to check all the wires and sockets. See if there are any flaws in the wire before you plug the unit in.
  • Test the fireplace at a time when it is not in high demand; this gives you a foresight of the potential problems you must deal with before the actual time you need the heat
  • Make use of approved fuels for your ventless wall ethanol fireplace.

When you are operating your wall fireplace:

  • Make sure that your fireplace is installed with enough spacing from the wall
  • Keep loose fabrics such as curtains and mantels from keeping in contact with your wall fireplace, especially the ethanol variants.
  • Have all fuels and other highly combustible materials in a safe distance away from your fireplace
  • If you are using an ethanol furnace, do not leave children and pets in the room unattended. While these units make use of clean fuels that are smoke and ash free, they still produce real flames that can be dangerous when touched
  • See to it that the fuel containers for your ethanol fireplace are closed tightly so that the fuel does not leak
  • Do not touch the burners after using your unit
  • Never plug your electric wall fireplace into extension cords, as these may become overloaded. Make sure you plug your furnace directly into an outlet
  • Check whether the cord of your electric fireplace runs under a carpet or a rug; these cords can become hot while the unit is turned on, and can become fire hazards when left lying underneath a textile