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The Top 10 Most Popular Locations for Ventless Fireplaces

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To get straight to the point, you’ve landed in the right spot if you are trying to pinpoint the perfect place to install your Ventless fireplaces. This is super important for many reasons, and obviously, the safety factor is one of the most important reasons to find the right space for it. Before diving into some awesome locations for your ventless fireplace, let’s cover the basics.

What is a ventless fireplace and why are they so popular?

A ventless fireplace is mostly for show and space heating. They are fireplaces that are usually fueled by gas and require no chimney or flue. Because they need no chimney, they are less expensive to install and we easier to maintain- some surprisingly require no maintenance at all. They can also be installed almost anywhere in a home because you can get something tiny or very large depending on your personal preference. Many ventless fireplaces are portable and free-standing, while others can be installed into walls. Ultimately, they are extremely customizable and can go almost anywhere.

What is a ventless fireplace and why are they so popular?

Generally considered safe no matter where ventless fireplaces are installed, there are still a few safety precautions to keep in mind before you decide on the right area. The same safety precautions should be respected as if you were using a traditional fireplace – children monitored and keeping flammable items away from the flames. The areas around ventless fireplaces retain heat, so if you have little babies learning to walk, you might consider installing it higher up. Most of these words of wisdom are common sense, however, they are still very important to mention. The last thing you want is to rush into an installation and regret the placement a few days later. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff – the top 10 most popular locations for your vent-free fireplace.

1. In The Bedroom


Regardless of your bedroom size, there’s usually always a nice wall that would fit a ventless fireplace perfectly. This is a trending bedroom style because it overall completes the coziness a bedroom already brings, but it is also very practical considering ventless fireplaces are excellent at providing heat in smaller areas of the home. Ventless fireplaces in the bedroom can be installed in small nooks, corners, directly into the wall, or they can be free-standing and portable. If you have a large bedroom you can even install a large ventless fireplace that acts as an entertainment center. Bedroom fireplaces are the new black and smaller ones can be a very inexpensive addition to the ambiance of your bedroom.

2. Tucked Away In The Corner


Ventless fireplaces are making their way into every nook and cranny, simply because it’s so easy to install them nearly everywhere. Tucking a ventless fireplace away in a corner still draws attention and provides heat, making it a popular option for people living in smaller spaces. Just because these are smaller doesn’t mean you have to skip out on a fabulous rustic or modern sleek glass style.

3. A Part Of Your Patio


Okay, so this has to be one of my absolute favorites on this list for so many different reasons and I can honestly say that the ventless fireplace on my patio has completely changed the way we do dates or family/neighborhood events. So clearly, a ventless patio fireplace would do the same for you! They look great at any size and eliminate the need for a fire pit, making your patio area a little bit more modernized. Date nights away from home are so overdone and your patio will now be the go-to place! As a bonus, it’s safe. No more worrying about kids running around an open fire or someone slipping up and singing their eyebrows (or worse). It’s a classy and beautiful addition that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your taste.

4. ABathroom Feature


Are you luxurious and not afraid to admit it? This might seem a little extravagant to some, but I’ve got to say it’s well worth it. Again, for the most part, installations are not very pricey, and you can put a ventless fireplace on the wall right by your bathtub. Instead of lighting tons of candles to surround your relaxing bath, all you’ll have to do now is push a button and watch the flames light up safely behind glass panels. Generally designed for larger bathrooms, small ventless fireplaces would still look great in medium sized bathrooms as well. And whoever visits that bathroom will be highly impressed.

5. In The Office


Another small space that is often used as a retreat away from the world is the office. Most people do have an office somewhere in the house, sometimes in a book nook or a spare bedroom converted. Some people even hold meetings and work from home regularly having people in and out of this room. A ventless fireplace as an addition to an office increases the overall professional appeal and creates a calming place for you to stay focused, warm, and love the area where you work rather than despise it. Depending on your office size, you can have any ventless fireplace size you want and have it installed into the wall. However, like the options listed above, you can have an office fireplace small and tucked away or large with a mantel to decorate. If you do get one large enough it can be your main source of light within the room and make your office more of a den- a peaceful place to relax and get work done.

6. Between The Dining And Living Room


Home layouts can be super weird. Many houses these days actually do not have a good transition from the dining area to the living room, and many places combine both of them within the same basic area. There are ways to divide these separate spaces, but it can be even trickier if you live in smaller quarters. There is a solution to this- a ventless fireplace. I know, it might sound odd and redundant but it’s true. The dining area is where you eat (often connected to the kitchen) and the living room is where you lounge and watch movies. Therefore, a fireplace can easily change the flow of these two rooms even if they are connected. Most people wouldn’t put a ventless fireplace next to their dining room table, that’s how it can act as a separation feature between the two. The fire is where you cozily lounge and the dining room is where you sit down and eat. I’m not saying a fireplace in the dining room is bad- it’s just more commonly found in the living room. They can be installed into walls, placed freestanding (portable) between the two rooms, or the entire area could be renovated to make it the center of attention.

7. Hanging From The Ceiling


Super modern, super awesome. Enough said. If you have a little extra cash and want to have your ventless fireplace hang from the ceiling; by all means do it. I can go on and on as to why this is so popular but the picture probably speaks for itself. It’s a modern design featured in many modern and contemporary homes. Dangling fireplaces truly make any living area look unique and original. If you want to draw attention and be different then this is the way to go. And honestly, it really isn’t too much of a financial drawback and would still cost less in the long run than a traditional fireplace that requires constant maintenance and upgrading.

8. Where A Traditional Fireplace Would Go


Let’s say you grew up in a house with a traditional fireplace with a mantle. A place that was decorated throughout the changing seasons and a place that stockings were hung during Christmas. Ahh, nostalgia. If this is how you feel about your fireplace you are definitely not alone. That old-school feeling mixed with vintage mantle decorations and a general traditional feeling is what many people crave when moving into a new home. Luckily, chopping wood and cleaning the soot and ash out of a fireplace is not necessary if you decide on a ventless fireplace. Actually, you can mimic the exact look of a traditional fireplace with a ventless fireplace- mantel and all. The awesome thing about installing a ventless fireplace in the same place that you would a traditional fireplace is that the cost will be thousands of dollars cheaper and you can customize it how you want. From the actual fireplace look to the mantel and the surrounding area, it’s up to you and how you want to decorate and design. No chimney, smoke, or upkeep, but you still have the same look as you would if a traditional fireplace were already there.

9. Elevated Above Ground


This has to be one of the most popular ways to install a ventless fireplace. Anywhere from 2 feet to 6 feet high from the base of the wall is a very typical place to add the fireplace to anywhere and any room in your home. Also, it’s a very easy place to have one installed as it is away from the ground, kids, and stray items that should stay away from the heated exterior of the fireplace. Also, it looks super modern and creative due to the fact that there are multiple shape and size options. Picture this; you have decorated your home in every way that you have ever wanted, but there’s an awkward blank wall that nothing really looks good on. This is the exact area that you would have a ventless fireplace installed because you will have no need to decorate the rest of the area- the fireplace is the main focus. Awesome, right? Less pressure on you and not as expensive and loud as drilling a huge mural on a blank wall. Also, it’s just all-around much better looking and attention-grabbing even if you make it small.

10. Made For The Indecisive- Anywhere!


This whole entire section is dedicated to those who are not ready for commitment. Those that love change and don’t want something permanently installed. I mean, if you have a lot of money you can install a ventless fireplace into a wall and change the location in a few months when you get bored of that look. But who has time for that? This honorable mention is so very important because it’s all about portable ventless fireplaces that are freestanding and can be moved wherever you want. It can be a beautiful piece in your bedroom, the main attraction in your living room, a tiny additive to your kitchen or bathroom, or even mounted on the wall. Free-standing fireplaces (electric and ventless) come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and can be really small or really large- it’s all about your personal preference. The only concern with free-standing ventless fireplaces are the safety precautions- you want to make sure it’s standing in its own private space with a good distance between other furniture and away from any loose scraps that might linger around the ground. The likelihood of a ventless fireplace catching anything else on fire is slim, simply because they are usually surrounded by double glass and have layers of protection but acknowledging safety precautions will always be the most important thing to do.

Final Thoughts

The best place to put a ventless fireplace is somewhere that you will be happy throughout the years. Something timeless and something that meets your style needs. Also, the installation for some of these are way simpler than others, so your budget will also play an important role in your final decision. Keep in mind the safety precautions and whether you will be using the fireplace for only space heating or visual appear (or both). Once you have your expectations outlines, you will know exactly what you want and where you want it!