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Top Selling Ventless Wall Fireplaces

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Traditional fireplaces take up a lot of space. Not only do you lose an entire corner of your room, but preparing and following through with construction can be an incredible hassle, putting your space out of commission for some time. Then you have to deal with fuel, chimneys, ash, and the safety hazards that come along with it. Now, I’m not implying that they aren’t worth it. What’s better than spending a quiet evening reclining in front of a softly crackling fire, alone with a book or sharing time with your special someone? The end result is more than valuable, but you can get all of that, and more, for less stress and less mess.

Many homeowners, especially those of us extremely aware of the space requirements for condo and apartment living, have discovered the convenience, ease, and charm of ethanol and vent free electric fireplaces. These wall-mounted pieces offer the comfort and appeal of a traditional fire along with chic contemporary flair that continues to liven your room, even when not in use. Fireplaces aren’t just for the common room anymore, and these ventless options are proof of freedom.

Let talk safety. Each of the fireplaces on this list are eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional fireplace. Ethanol burns clean and requires no venting of smoke, toxic gases, or nasty odors, while electric units plug in and require no further fueling, offering heat without the need for refilling. When dealing with actual flame, each biofuel ventless piece is constructed from powder-coat and 304 stainless steel for a safe, sturdy addition to your home, along with safety glass that removes all worry. The electric fireplaces feature flames that are realistic enough to comfort and enjoy, but not so much as to require similar safety measures. Check out these top-selling ventless fireplaces and free yourself from chimneys, ash, and gas lines!

The Accalia and Ardella Bio Ethanol Recessed Wall Fireplaces

The large, long form factor of the Accalia Fireplace is sure to become the artistic and comfort centerpiece of any room. Requiring nothing more than a wall, the Accalia can be mounted inside the wall as a recessed option, or hung with the included mounting brackets. No pipes, chimneys, electrical outlets, no strings to hold it down. Inside black powder coat interior rests four Ignis EB1200 Ethanol Fireplace inserts, allowing you to control each of the four flames to the degrees you desire. Puns aside, the Accalia is capable of pushing out a combined 28,000 BTUs of warmth to fill up to 800-1000 square feet of space at its top end, and can be dialed back for less heat or smaller rooms. The sleek stainless steel frame contrasts powerfully against the black interior, putting each flame on exhibit.

For some, the five-and-a-half foot width of the Accalia is a bit too overpowering, but you don’t have to look elsewhere for the same elegant aesthetic. The Ardella Fireplace offers the same stainless steel and black design in a more size-conscientious package, coming in at around 4.5’ width. With three burners instead of four, it still presents a wonderful dancing display of flames while putting out a perfect 18,000 BTUs for a 750 square foot room or space. The Ardella embraces the same optional safety glass as the Accalia, giving you peace of mind without sacrificing contemporary style.

Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2-Sided Biofuel Fireplace

While a wall mounted fireplace can look pretty as a picture and fill the wall with style and flair (pun intended), why not share effusive warmth and comfort to two rooms, or make it a centerpiece attraction in the actual center of your room? The Eco-Feu Santa Cruz Fireplace offers two glass sides and is made to be safely mounted inside a wall to offer a comfortable view from different rooms, or it can be mounted inside a freestanding pedestal or stand-alone. The possibilities are endless where the Eco-Feu Santa Cruz is concerned, especially since it comes in both gloss white and matte black, guaranteeing its fit in any space. The Eco-Feu Automatic convection and shutter systems ensure that heat goes where it is supposed to. The impressive unit radiates a comfortable 18,000 BTUs of energy, utilizing both sides to fill 1,200-1,500 square feet. This Canadian made double sided ventless fireplace offers versatility in design that a traditional fireplace simply can’t accomplish at a price and visual effect that is unique to the biofuel models.

Amantii 88" Slim Electric Built-in Fireplace

Ethanol is but one option for you to explore, followed closely by the vent free electric fireplace. All you need is an outlet for the Amantii Slim Fireplace to work its magic, no refueling hassle necessary. This glamorous attention-getter can be used indoors or outdoors (with the panorama cover) and comes in multiple finishes to best suit your existing aesthetic. With the simplest touch of a remote, you can change the color of the flames from sunset yellow to mysterious blue, even demure purple and rose pink. What’s more is the Amantii can operate with or without heat output, giving you the option of filling a 400-500 square feet space with warmth or simply enjoying the flickering ambiance when the world is hot enough. The black steel frame is optional and the piece comes with multiple styles of glass media, giving you even more freedom of design choice. This electric fireplace is incredibly versatile, a foundation from which you can explore every option.

Dimplex Willowridge Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Elegant style comes in many forms, and the Dimplex Willowridge Opti-Myst Fireplace offers a design and visual impact that is just as unique as its name. The rippled champagne finished frame provides a standout enhancement to the offerings showcased inside. Built with Opti-Myst technology, the three-dimensional flames appear lifelike, and with the built-in water reservoir, can create flame and “smoke” for fourteen to seventeen continuous hours before refilling is needed. If you’re looking for the most realistic vent free electric fireplace on the market, the Dimplex Willowridge might be exactly what you’re looking for. This 100% eco-friendly and efficient fireplace is a wonderful green alternative with maximum visual impact for the contemporary and modern decor designers among us. As before, the heat is optional, perfect if you’re looking to warm a 400 square foot room.