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Ventless Wall Fireplaces for Your Outdoor Patio

Posted by Candace Osmond on

Outdoor patios are the place to be when summer hits and it’s time to relax and enjoy the warm breeze rustling its way through the grass and trees, sunbathe and soak up rays, and share a great time with friends and family. When it’s time to party and indulge in the freedoms summertime fun has to offer, are you going to be ready to go above and beyond? Every party space deserves a fresh new flair, something that sparks a bevy of compliments and conversation. How much better is it to find something you can’t live without that is just as simple and easy to use and maintain as it is to enjoy? Enter: wall-mounted, ventless fireplaces.

When the word “fireplace” comes up, the first thoughts most people have are gathering wood and tinder, building the perfect wood-to-newspaper ratio that will surely ignite in a blaze of glory, and the subsequent dousing of lighter fluid just to force the wood to catch. While it’s burning, it’s amazing! And then there’s the clean up, before rainwater mixes with the ashes and eats the bottom out of the expensive firepit. So after you’ve imagined all that, now imagine that fun part in the middle where everyone is warm and sharing stories and conversation, illuminated by the soft glow of the flames, without the work.

Still with me? Excellent, because when it comes to fireplaces, number one priority is going to be space. Room to house the fireplace itself, room to enjoy it comfortably. Building a traditional fireplace takes a lot of work, and even when you go with a more simple firepit for your outdoor patio, you’re still going to lose precious ground. Even if you aren’t concerned with optimizing usable space, the ease of use that an electric or bio-ethanol fireplace is pretty impressive and just might win you over.

A ventless wall-mounted fireplace is a simple device that takes all the effort out of relaxing. Burning eco-friendly, clean bio-ethanol fuel, all you need is a funnel, fuel, and a lighter. Fill, clean up any fuel spills, and light. That’s it. Ventless means that you don’t have to worry about a chimney to whisk away any smoke, soot, or toxins, because this clean ethanol fuel produces none. On top of that, you certainly don’t have any ash to scoop up afterwards. The only thing that’s easier than that is a wall mount electric fireplace, and those are just as readily available! Plug in and tap the remote.

Many models are available for both indoor and outdoor use, so you have the option of relocating it as needed, or if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture, there is a wide variety of options that will withstand the test of time. You’re good to go for a full summer night of partying, relaxation, sharing drinks with friends, or after everyone else has gone, a calm, relaxing time for yourself.

Bio-Blaze Diamond 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Bring the elegant lines of a beautiful stainless steel fireplace to your outdoor patio with minimal effort. Just the right size for a tableside flame and as easy to mount as a canvas, Bio-Blaze’s Diamond 2 Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is pretty as a picture and simple to mount. The curved brushed stainless steel holds a burner with a full-quart capacity, allowing it to burn for around three hours time. While the tempered safety glass is optional, it does provide an excellent windscreen in an unobtrusive design. Mount it on a retaining wall and arrange chairs around it, or set it at the head of the dining table. The options are innumerable and limited only by your pre-existing outdoor patio design. Because it’s so easy to mount, you can always bring it in whenever the weather doesn’t play nice and enjoy the same warmth and comfort inside your home as well.

Amantii 50” Electric Built-in Fireplace with Black Steel Surround

Tradition is nice, but for when it’s party time, you shouldn’t be left lacking. Amantii offers a fifty-inch electric fireplace that will knock your socks off with just how many awesome options it hides in such a slim, demure framework. Once you have this beautiful piece of art mounted under the required Outdoor Panorama Cover, you’re going to have a tough time keeping people’s eyes off of it. Now, this wall mount electric fireplace isn’t just pretty, it’s functional. The flames themselves can be displayed without producing heat, so when summertime fun is a little too steamy, you don’t have to lose out on the soothing effect of golden, blue, rose, and purple fire dancing across your patio. Included are a myriad of glimmering, heat-resistant diamond-like stones that catch and glow with the light, adding just the perfect touch of sparkle.

Eco-feu Santa Cruz 2-sided Biofuel Fireplace

You’ve gotta go big or go home if you want a top-end, season-ready outdoor patio. Consider for a moment a double sided outdoor fireplace that not only casts real flame with little to no effort, but offers two sides of access. Build the Santa Cruz into a wall or spacial divider and give two areas the warmth and relaxation that only real fire can bring. Place it in the center of a comfortable seating area so a full group can enjoy its luxury. Featuring Eco-Feu's Patent Pending Automatic Convection System and Shutter Mechanism and adjustable burner control, you’re guaranteed to not waste even a smidgen of the 3.65 liter capacity, giving you a full six to eight hours of soothing ambiance. When the party starts to wind down, extinguish the flames and save the rest for next time.

Though these examples represent varying degrees of dedication as far as installation is concerned, there are a great many other options out there that will assuredly match exactly what you want and desire. Whether you’re looking for a small bit of flair to brighten up your patio, or a whole new reinvigoration of your outdoor space, the ease and convenience of electric and bio-ethanol wall-mounted fireplaces make them an excellent option to consider and might be exactly what you need.