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Wall Fireplace Ideas for Great Rooms

Posted by Caris Cruz on

Reconstructing a great room or decorating a newly built house? Are you looking for a great way to spice up your interiors? Well, if you're looking for a great key feature in your newly overhauled space, we suggest an affordable yet functional wall fireplace. This beautiful element adds a touch of warmth in your room, and more than that, it gives off that much needed warmth without hindering your style. No chimneys? No problem. An ethanol or electric furnace will do as much, or even better.

A fireplace is a wonderful focal point that ties the room together. It doesn't have to be extravagantly adorned; many standard units exude a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic that merges well with any design motif. Whether your interiors have a strong countryside or industrial theme, you can find a perfect wall fireplace that goes with it. Here are some suggestions:

Do it Double

By using a double-sided fireplace, you can install your wall mount furnace in a column that separates rooms. It acts like a beautiful, decorative panel that simply catches one's eye. Install it in the lower section of the panel for more efficiency. You can also incorporate textures on the column: add bricks or stones for a more pastoral air, or leave it in clean, solid colors for a chic look.

Heavenly Hearth

Create a hole in the wall out of your marble slab and build an interesting spectacle by adding piles of non-flammable stones over the burner. Light it up, and watch the fire emit wonderful, dancing flames underneath the mantle. Place an artwork about a meter above the furnace. The wider the column, the more number of burners you can install to create that dazzling effect.

Fake it, Make it

Want to imitate an old-world furnace? Easy do that by installing an ethanol fireplace inside the constructed hole. There's no need to build an additional chimney; this fireplace variant requires no venting solution (only proper insulation), and you can easily transform your empty spaces into functioning warm hearths.

Over and Under

Create an open fireplace with this DIY idea. Construct a square hole in one of your divider's panels. With a row of burners, create a vent-free furnace in the middle of the hole. You can add glass to improve the fireplace's safety. This is a great idea for wall panels used to divide different rooms; the fireplace can be seen on both sides and serves a decorative purpose other than its heating function.

Empty No More

For blank, unused walls, why not install a long wall fireplace to keep it busy and tasteful? A frameless wall fireplace looks like a window to a lovely, burning hearth that complements the room’s heating system. This is perfect for great rooms filled with books—it instills silence and creativity during those alone moments when you’d like to read, write or work.

Loved these suggestions? Discover more ideas on how you can decorate with your wall fireplace by staying tuned to this blog. Looking for the right vent-less unit? Visit our store and see our wide range of electric and ethanol fireplaces.