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You really can't think of ventless fireplaces without Dimplex coming to mind. This manufacturer burst on the scene in 1991, and has become the name most people associate with electric fireplaces. It produced the first fireplace with a truly realistic flame in 1995, and since then has been granted 30 patents involving electric flame technology.

Dimplex is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, in a 200,000-square-foot facility. There is also an even larger warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The electric fireplaces we offer at Wall Fireplace Pros cost only pennies to operate. You get to enjoy the inviting warmth and unparalleled ambiance that a fire brings to a space. You can count on your fireplace to be smokeless, and there will be no odor to linger in the air and on your clothes.

The modern looking products come in a variety of styles to complement a wide range of living spaces, color schemes, and themes. Plus, since they are ventless there is no restriction to where you can place one.

The Dimplex fireplaces we have here at Wall Fireplace Pros are easy to set up and require no special wiring. You simply need to mount the unit and plug it into a standard electrical outlet. They come with a remote, and many allow you to turn the heat off, so you can enjoy the flame year-round. These fireplaces are not just for design though. You may be surprised at how well your unit warms up a room. Dimplex fireplaces are as efficient as they are beautiful, and they are backed by a 2-year warranty.

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