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Why deal with a dirty, smelly, unhealthy fire in your home when you can create the same warmth and ambiance with a safe and smokeless product? Seidal, also known as Southern Enterprises, manufacturers electric fireplaces that naturally become the center of attention in any room they occupy.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, as a family business in 1976, Southern Enterprises truly believes that every room in your home should make you happy. Many people focus solely on creating the perfect living room or master bedroom, but neglect the other rooms of the home. Since the Seidal pieces we have here at Wall Fireplace Pros are smokeless and ventless, they can be mounted in any room in your home. So, all those rooms you have neglected because you are just not sure how you want them decorated can be brought to life with a modern looking fireplace.

Mount one in your dining room to create the perfect ambiance for your dinner parties, and add one to your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere. Since Seidal products emit no odor or toxins, you can even mount one in the nursery to enjoy on those long sleepless nights.

The Seidal fireplaces we offer at Wall Fireplace Pros include all the hardware you need to mount them. They also come with a remote, so you will not have to get up from your comfy spot to turn it on or off or to adjust the heat or dim the flame. These products feature a safety thermal overload protector and come with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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