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Anywhere Fireplace

Whether you want to add warmth to your patio or a contemporary focal point to your living room, Wall Fireplace Pros has a modern looking Anywhere Fireplace product that is sure to improve the look and feel of your living space. These bio ethanol fireplaces are clean burning and smokefree, and there is no odor to deal with.

A gracefully curved wall mounted unit will become the center of attention in any room that it occupies, whether it is lit or not. Since these fireplaces are mounted on a wall, you do not have to worry about one getting in the way of foot traffic, and you certainly will not have to worry about little ones or pets getting close to the flame.

If you are looking for a ventless fireplace that is a little different then the black and/or stainless steel ones that saturate the market, you will absolutely love that Anywhere Fireplace offers products in red and white, too. 

Your Anywhere Fireplace can be mounted on any flat, sturdy wall, including brick, stone, tile, drywall, and wallpapered. All fireplaces feature a fill tray with a handle-controlled lid, which can be opened at various intervals to increase or decrease the volume of the flame. The fire in these units can also be easily snuffed by closing the lid, so you don't have to wait until it runs out of fuel to shut the flame down.

If you are looking for a fireplace that offers a simple yet elegant design check out the Anywhere Fireplace selection we have here at Wall Fireplace Pros.

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