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Eco Feu

When your space is begging for a dramatic focal point that will stop guests in their tracks, you turn to the modern looking Eco-Feu products we have here at Wall Fireplace Pros. Not only do we have wall-mounted products; we carry two-sided fireplaces that can be appreciated from two rooms, as well. They make the perfect addition to a wall dividing the dining room and living room or master bedroom and bathroom.

All Eco-Feu fireplaces are self-contained and smokeless, so they require no chimney or venting. The combustion of these modern looking pieces produce heat and water vapor, so they are smokeless and create no odor. The only emissions emitted are comparable to the human breath, so you can feel safe enjoying a fire with family and friends. Some of these clean burning fireplaces feature a new technology by Eco-Feu called Eco-Vection, which recycles air to disperse it back into the environment.

Unlike a wood burning fire that demands constant attention, these units by Eco-Feu are practically maintenance-free. They come with a dimmer switch that you can use to control the intensity of the flame or to simply extinguish it. The flame is real and consistent, so you won't be blasted with heat one minute and freezing the next.

All Eco-Feu fireplaces we carry here at Wall Fireplace Pros are backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. They are some of the most economical ethanol fireplaces on the market, costing only about $4.40 per hour to burn, and most wall units will burn four to six hours on a single fill depending on the flame setting.

Explore our selection of Eco-Feu fireplaces here at Wall Fireplace Pros for one that is sure to leave a lasting impression with anyone who glances in its direction.