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Nu-Flame is the latest line of fireplaces by the well-established and respected company known as Bluworld of Water. This manufacturer emerged onto the scene in 1998, and set the bar high in terms of performance, design, and craftsmanship.

Bluworld of Water quickly became an international hit and one of the largest custom water features. In an effort to once again to remain a step ahead of its competition, it developed a line to add fire to the fountains, and it was certainly welcomed with open arms.

If you follow feng shui at all then you know that fire and water are two very powerful and beneficial elements to have in a room together. The Nu-Flame products we carry here at Wall Fireplace Pros are vent-free, smokeless, and modern looking. Never again will you be forced to poke and feed a fire or breathe in dangerous toxins from smoke. Ignis products are fueled by a clean burning source. This is a warm dancing flame that you can feel good about burning because it will not increase your carbon footprint to enjoy it.

The Nu-Flame line we carry gives you the warm and inviting characteristics that you love about a fire, but also calms your nerves and quiets your mind thanks to the soothing sound and visual appeal of the cascading water. These are standalone art pieces. You will never have to stress over filling a room with perfectly matching art because a fireplace/fountain combination is really all you will need to make a room complete.

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