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Frequently Asked Questions


*For all Installation questions please email us at info@wallfireplacepros.com or call us at 888-562-7602 .


Ethanol Fireplaces:


What is Bio Ethanol Fuel?

Bio Ethanol Fuel is derived from corn therefore making it a sustainable energy source. The only residual emissions when burning bio ethanol are carbon dioxide and water steam.


Is Bio Ethanol Safe For Indoor Use?


Yes. Ethanol Fuel is clean burning and only gives off water and carbon dioxide emissions. There is no carbon monoxide in ethanol fuel.  You will want to follow the instructions for each model regarding safety and mounting instructions etc.


HOW Do I operate my Fireplace?

Simply fill the burner with Bio Ethanol Fuel and light it. Never add fuel when lit.


How Do I Turn Off My Fireplace?

Each fireplace is slightly different. In most cases the fuel tray has a lid to cover the opening. Use the tool provided to close the lid on the fuel tray to extinguish the flame. When you close the lid you eliminate the supply of oxygen which extinguishes the flame, similar to a candle.


How Long Will My Fireplace Burn For?

Each fireplace is different in the amount of fuel it will hold. 1.5 Liters of fuel will last 5 Hours.


Electric Fireplaces:


Can I Put My Television Over My Fireplace?

It is always recommended that you check with the television manufacturer for any restrictions prior to installing your fireplace to ensure all restrictions are met.


Can I change the Media In My Wall Mounted Fireplace?

If the wall mounted fireplace you purchased has loose media such as glass pieces, stones or river rock, you can choose to replace this media with something else of your choosing. In order to ensure proper operation of the unit, please make sure the alternative media you choose is the same weight as the original media provided and that you are not using anything fine (such as sand) or liquid as it could get into the inner components and render the unit inoperable.


How Do I Install My Fireplace?

All fireplaces come with Installation instructions including wall recess opening specs if needed. If you are in need of the specs before your fireplace arrives please contact us directly and we will have them emailed to you.


How do I Control My Fireplace?

Your electric fireplace will come with a small remote that turns it on and off as well as helps control the temperature. Most models are hard wired. 







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