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Ethanol Fireplaces

There’s nothing like having a real flame to light up your room’s atmosphere. A more traditional alterative to our electric fireplaces, at Wall Fireplace Pros, we have a great selection of modern, state of the art ethanol fireplaces for you to choose from. Our ethanol fireplaces aren’t solely meant for their function. We understand that the quality of the fireplace’s aesthetic is important when making such an investment, that’s why all our products are expertly crafted and are versatile enough to fit in any room decor.

The greatest benefit of having an ethanol fireplace is the freedom of placement. You don’t require a chimney or the tax of investing in a massive installation. Of course, a fire does require oxygen, so it’s still necessary to have proper ventilation in your household.

Regardless, our fireplaces are easy to use and, most importantly, safe. The use of denatured ethanol to fuel the fireplace, as opposed to wood, is impeccably clean. Our models remove the hassle of having to clean any ashes or of being exposed to the dangers of potentially toxic fumes caused by the burning of wood. And, for those who have an existing wood-burning fireplace, we do offer a selection of ethanol fireplace inserts to make your living space safe for your health and environment.


Sophisticated Design, Practical Warmth

At Wall Fireplace Pros, we have a fantastic selection of wall-mounted, recessed, and two-sided models that range in price. Among our selection, the Bio-Blaze Square Vertical Biofuel Wall Fireplace is a bold choice for your home. Its modern design makes it an exciting focal point to any room. Like some of our other available models, the fireplace boasts a sleek design that comes in two finishes: Black and Stainless Steel. It burns an eco-friendly bio-ethanol liquid that keeps the room safe from any odor, smoke, or pollutant. And, its attractive, sensual flame rises from a black powder-coated steel interior.

A smaller and cheaper alternative, though no-less attractive and no resulting loss in quality, is the Ferrum Bio Ethanol Wall Fireplace, by Ignis. Simple, yet strikingly attractive in design, this compact fireplace has a glass shield and can come in either a stainless steel or black powder-coated top plate. For those aiming for a more minimal, open room, this model is the perfect choice.

Feel free to peruse through our wide selection of ethanol fireplaces below and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries that you may have.